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Choosing new door handles to your doors sounds such as an easy task but when you arrive at realise the extent of handle options begin to consider differently, because there are dozens upon lots of choices. This is a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding handles:

Do you know the variations of handles?

With respect to the website or the shop you're browsing through you will probably find the categories differ slightly generally speaking with door handles you have a choice from Designer Door Levers on Round Rose, Designer Door Levers on Square Rose, Designer Handles on Backplate, Classic Handles, Stainless Handles, Handles for Doors with Espagnolette Multipoint Locking Systems, Porcelain Door Levers on Rose, Porcelain Handles on Backplate, Black Antique Handles, and Aluminium Handles. Within each one of these categories you may an array of individual door handles to pick from.

What exactly are door handles created from?

Door handles are made from a few different materials including acrylic, aluminium, wrought iron, brass, chrome, stainless-steel, porcelain (wooden), and glass. Each different material results in a different style and look.

How do you clean handles?

The cleaning of handles will depend about the kind of door handle you have, for every different material needs a different cleaning method. For instance with chrome handles should not use metal polishes or aerosol spray polishes as this damages the chrome, you can simply dust the doorway handle having a duster or with warm water and soap. Always check the proper approach to cleaning for the kind of door handle.

What are privacy set door handles?

Door Locks

Privacy set handles are used when more privacy is needed such as in bathrooms and on bedroom doors. Within the doorway handle there is a turn lock and on the outside with the handle there is an emergency exit unlock feature in case of accidents.

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